Machete trailer gets political featuring Robert De Niro with guns and Steven Seagal with knives

Danny Trejo is Machete
Danny Trejo is Machete

Robert De Niro fucks with the wrong Mexican in Robert Rodriguez’ upcoming feature-length Machete, the grindhouse film based on one of Rodriguez’ fake trailers from the 2007 double feature Grindhouse. It was released on Cinco de Mayo, and takes a jab at Arizona’s recent much-debated immigration law.

Machete, which hits theaters on September 3, 2010, centers on an ex-Federale who, after being betrayed by the organization who hired him to murder a senator, launches a brutal rampage of revenge against his former employer.

The teaser trailer for Machete features many of the film’s main stars in action. Look closely and you’ll see Robert De Niro waving guns around and martial artist Steven Seagal getting busy with a set of his own machetes.

Machete features an ensemble cast including Danny Trejo, Michelle Rodriguez, Jessica Alba, Robert De Niro, Lindsay Lohan, Cheech Marin, Jeff Fahey, Steven Seagal, Don Johnson, Cheryl Chin, Electra Avellan, Elise Avellan, Rose McGowan, Daryl Sabara, Tom Savini, Shea Whigham, Tina Rodriguez and Carlos Gallardo.

Check out the trailer for Machete below.

Source: HeatVisionBlog