Zoe Saldana reveals why she’s attracted to sci-fi, fantasy and all around fanboy-loving roles

Fearnet caught up with Zoe Saldana at WonderCon 2010 and found out why she gravitates towards roles destined for “Cult Cinema Icon” status.

Zoe Saldana has appeared in a number of high-profile action and sci-fi projects including Vantage Point, Star Trek, Avatar and Takers. She’ll next appear as the gun-toting Agent Aisha in the Sylvain White-directed The Losers – based on the cult Vertigo comic – which is due in theaters on April 23rd. Saldana is also scheduled to return to the role of Lt. Uhura in a Star Trek sequel, due in theaters the summer of 2012.

Check out what Saldana has to say on the subject, and then just try to tell me she’s not THE perfect woman.

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