Conan O’Brien live comedy tour coming this spring?

THR reports that comic and talk show host Conan O’Brien will start a live comedy tour beginning mid-April, with the first stop being in San Diego, California or Seattle, Washington.

Apparently TMZ reported earlier that the tour would kick off in Phoenix, but THR’s report states that report was inaccurate.

O’Brien will likely have Andy Richter in tow, and apparently deals are being hammered out for a live band as well, possibly with Max Weinberg. However all of this is in development stages, according to the report, so don’t lineup outside the box office yet.

The national tour will also encompass Los Angeles, as well as O’Brien’s home turf, New York, and will be handled by several big promoters, including AEG Live and Live Nation.

I wanna know what’s up with that Fox talk show deal. Anybody know if that’s still happening? In any case, you can almost bet that these shows will be sellouts.

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