Win one of two copies of the Special Edition DVD or Blu-ray Editions of Terminator Salvation


Christian Bale and Sam Worthington in Terminator Salvation
Christian Bale and Sam Worthington in Terminator Salvation

Terminator Salvation debuts on Blu-ray as a three-disc set this Tuesday. Disc one houses the theatrical edition of the film and special features, disc two contains the extended director’s cut and BD-Live functionality, and disc three offers a digital copy of the film.

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More about Terminator Salvation

In the aftermath of Judgment Day and the machine takeover, resistance leader John Connor (Christian Bale) must counter Skynet’s plan to terminate mankind. Rallying his underground street fighters for a last, desperate battle, he realizes that to save the future he must rescue his own father Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin). But the most shocking discovery comes with the arrival of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a mysterious loner from the past who challenges Connor with an impossible choice and leads them both on a brutal journey into the heart of the enemy.

Blu-ray Features
Disc 1

  • The theatrical version of Terminator Salvation.
  • WB Maximum Movie Mode – This feature contains the director McG, in front of a pair of screens that showcase the film on the left and behind-the-scenes elements on the right, which covers a broad range of information regarding the production, including the creation of special effects, interviews with the cast, footage from the set, and more. Also included is a pop-up timeline that places the events in the movie within a range between 1975 and 2032, along with interactive still galleries and storyboard comparisons.
  • Focus Points an additional collection of 1080p behind-the-scenes segments
  • Re-Forging the Future looks at how filmmakers both built on the existing Terminator lexicon and created a film with its own identity, and features the cast and crew speaking on the film’s look, its themes, the shooting locations, props, set design, and more.
  • The Moto-Terminator centers on the creation of one of the biggest special effects and action sequences in Terminator Salvation.

Disc 2

  • Disc 2 features an R-rated Director’s Cut of Terminator Salvation.
  • BD-Live features
  • Media Center
  • Featured Content including:
    – Resist or Be Terminated Video Archive
    Terminator Salvation Official Movie Prequel Digital Comic Issue #1
  • My Commentary
  • Live Community Screening

Disc 3

DVD Version Features
The Moto-Terminator featurette is included with the DVD edition.

Director: McG
Producers: Moritz Borman, Jeffrey Silver, Victor Kubicek, Derek Anderson
Writers: John Brancato, Michael Ferris
Cast: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin, Moon Bloodgood, Bryce Dallas Howard, Common, Jane Alexander, Helena Bonham Carter

Original Release Date: May 21, 2009
DVD and Blu-ray Release Date: December 1, 2009

Terminator Salvation Blu-ray packaging
Terminator Salvation Blu-ray packaging
Terminator Salvation DVD packaging
Terminator Salvation DVD packaging