Potential Batman 3 villains include Angelina Jolie as Catwoman, along with Johnny Depp, Guy Pearce or Dane Cook as The Riddler

Christopher Nolan will likely be moving forward with the third Batman film after he completes post production work on his sci-fi thriller Inception, and he apparently has actors lining up to play potential villains in the new film.

According to Worst Previews, Angelina Jolie and Rachel Weisz are vying for a role in the movie as Catwoman, while Johnny Depp would like to appear as a reinvented Riddler. Other names that have also come up for The Riddler include Guy Pearce and now, according to MTV News, we can add comedian Dane Cook to that list.

“I love the new Dark Knight series and Batman Begins,” said Cook. “If they brought back The Riddler — a new Riddler the way they did with The Joker — that would be bad-ass. I would do that. That would be it.”

Check out the video below with all of Dane Cook’s comments on the issue.

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