Win one of two copies of Mysteries of the Freemasons on DVD

Mysteries of the Freemasons DVD cover details
Mysteries of the Freemasons DVD cover details

On September 15th, the release date of Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol (which you can pre-order HERE), join History for the fascinating true story of the world’s oldest Secret Society, when Mysteries of the Freemasons comes to DVD. To celebrate the release of this revealing profile, FilmFetish is giving away two copies of the DVD for readers to enjoy.

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I’ll be running this contest through the DVD’s release date of September 15, 2009.

More about Mysteries of the Freemasons

The world’s oldest secret society, the Freemasons, are about to be vaulted into the spotlight again with the September 15th release of “The Lost Symbol”, Dan Brown’’s eagerly-anticipated follow-up to “The Da Vinci Code”, the #1 international phenomenon and the bestselling adult novel of all time with 81 million copies in print. Currently shrouded in secrecy, the novel, which takes place over a 12-hour timeframe, will again feature masterful Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon. For those seeking answers to the long-asked questions surrounding the clandestine order featured in Brown’s novels, there’’s Mysteries of the Freemasons.

This compelling documentary from History™ reveals the untold story of the world’s oldest secret society as secretive codes, patterns in the sky, and murder reveal a radically new picture of the nation’s founding fathers. Available day-and-date with “The Lost Symbol”, the single DVD also features the bonus program, “Secret Societies” which uncovers more about the Freemasons, as well as others such like the Illumniati and Skull and Bones.

George Washington, Paul Revere and Ben Franklin were all members. So were Mozart and Duke Ellington. The Freemasons are the world’s most famous secret society, a nearly 400-year-old organization whose influence is the subject of intense debate and a favorite subject of conspiracy theorists worldwide. Forever claiming they’re merely a civic-minded fraternity bound together by harmless rituals, the Freemasons have long been reviled as devil worshippers, accused of provoking revolution, and suspected of plotting to take over the world. In Mysteries of the Freemasons, dramatic reenactments, expert interviews, sophisticated CGI, and original location documentary footage transport viewers back to the time when Freemasons led the Revolution, framed the Declaration of Independence, designed our nation’s capital and, in the early years of the Republic, grew to unmatched heights of influence and power.

In this program, renowned historians Stephen Bullock, Dan Burstein, Brent Morris, Akram Elias and author David Shugarts (“Secrets of the Widow’s Son”) retell the Freemasons’ central myth concerning Hiram Abiff, mythical builder of Jerusalem ‘s Temple of Solomon. During construction, Abiff was slain by three workers who believed his “secret” would impart magical powers representing the three evils against which Freemasons believe they’re still struggling: ignorance, fanaticism, and tyranny. And, today, the world’s 2.5 million Freemasons meet to reenact the ritual of Hiram’s murder as the initiation ceremony for the main rank of Master Mason.

Run Time: 94 minutes plus extras
DVD Release Date: September 15, 2009

Mysteries of the Freemasons DVD packaging
Mysteries of the Freemasons DVD packaging