Tarantino to add animated scenes to Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair

Uma Thurman played The Bride a.k.a. Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill
Uma Thurman played The Bride a.k.a. Beatrix Kiddo in Kill Bill

Quentin Tarantino told reporters Sunday in a group interview, that he plans to revisit and expand, several long-gestating prior releases once he’s finished promoting of his latest effort, Inglourious Basterds, according to Sci-Fi Wire. One in particular that he wants to develop further is the final Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair, which has been discussed for some time as a massive DVD and Blu-ray release, but with little details given, as to what content it will actually have.

“I need to do one thing with it, though,” Tarantino said. “I’m not going to monkey around with the movie itself, but we’ve actually done a whole new section for the anime as the last thing [we added]. I actually wrote a much longer script for the anime section during O-Ren’s revenge chapter. Remember the guy with the long hair that kills her father? It’s like, what happened to that dude? Well, I wrote it and it was the biggest, most elaborate thing I wrote—her taking him down.”

The director also said that this material wasn’t a separate story, but always intended for the film – until other narratives took over.

He also mentioned his desire to work on the theatrical cut of Grindhouse, but indicated that he’s happy with the appreciation the double-feature has gotten from theaters and revival houses around the world.

“They don’t want Death Proof, [and] they don’t want Planet Terror,” he said. “They want Grindhouse. It’s one of those things that, like, in two months it’s showing again [wherever] their local midnight Friday-Saturday screening is.”