Film noir version of Bruce Lee’s martial arts epic Enter the Dragon coming to theaters?

Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon
Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon

Boards don’t hit back!

Could this be? The best martial arts film ever produced, and one of the greatest action films ever released, is getting a redo? According to AICN, it’s looking very possible. According to the site, Kurt Sutter, who has produced, directed and written for the TV shows The Shield and Sons of Anarchy, is prepping a “noir style” re-imaging of Bruce Lee’s classic Enter the Dragon.

The story couldn’t sound more different actually. Apparently Awaken the Dragon – the new film’s title – will be a contempory drama about a lone FBI agent pursuing a rogue Shaolin monk into the bloody world of underground martial arts fight clubs. That was from LatinoReview.

Korean actor and pop star Rain, who’s about to get bloodied up and kick some major ass in Ninja Assassin, is apparently circling the lead in the film, as well.

How could they touch this?

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