Veteran horror producers team up for The Violent Kind

According to THR, by way of Empire, a group of veteran slasher film producers are teaming up for the horror film The Violent Kind.

The film brings together Halloween remake producers Andy Gould and Malek Akkad, along with Jeffrey Allard, executive producer of the two Texas Chainsaw Massacre re-imaginings.

The Violent Kind follows the story of a group of young bikers who stumble upon a rural cabin where they fall victim to “gory happenings”. According to the production team it’s “a party (that) quickly turns wild with a typical biker mix of booze, drugs and strippers but shifts into something the likes of nothing they have ever known,” including “mysterious figures glimpsed amongst the woods, ominous sounds heard and friends found injured.”

The cast includes Cory Knauf, Bret Roberts and Taylor Cole (Heroes).

Mitchell Altieri and Phil Flores (The Butcher Boys) wrote the script for the project, which begins shooting this month in southern California.