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The Best of Edgar Wallace: Original Music from the German Cult Thrillers by Peter Thomas and Martin Bottcher RARE Vinyl Edition

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The Best of Edgar Wallace: Original Music from the German Cult Thrillers by Peter Thomas and Martin Bottcher RARE Vinyl Edition

This is pressing number 827 of 999 limited edition units.

Listen to the most roaring and groovy themes from the big screen series based on the novels by Edgar Wallace. For the first time the highlights and main themes of the soundtracks which became characteristic for the German crime movies have been compiled on one disc.

The tracks recorded between 1961 and 1971 reach from the manic jazzcapades of Peter Thomas, sometimes accompanied by shouting and shooting, to the more harmonic orchestral suites of Martin Böttcher. 25 out of the 28 works on this disc have been penned by these two grand masters of German film music.

A best of album in the truest sense of the word.

“Hallo, hier spricht Edgar Wallace!”

The vinyl edition is limited to 999 hand-numbered LPs.

Here is a list of films based on Edgar Wallace the tracks were composed for:

  • 1971 Angels of Terror (based on the novel “The Angel of Terror”)
  • 1969 Double Face (based on the novel “The Face in the Night”)
  • 1968 Gorilla Gang (based on the novel “The Dark Eyes of London”)
  • 1967 The College Girl Murders (based on the novel “The Terror”)
  • 1966 Psycho-Circus (based on the novel “The Three Just Man” – uncredited)
  • 1965 The Sinister Monk (based on the novel “The Terror”)
  • 1965 Again the Ringer (based on the novel “Again the Ringer”)
  • 1964 Traitor’s Gate (based on the novel “The Traitor’s Gate”)
  • 1964 The Curse of the Hidden Vault (based on the novel “Angel Esquire”)
  • 1964 Room 13 (based on the novel “Room 13”)
  • 1963 The Indian Scarf (based on the novel “The Case of the Frightened Lady”)
  • 1963 The Black Abbot (based on the novel “The Black Abbot”)
  • 1963 The Squeaker (based on the novel “The Squeaker”)
  • 1963 Der Fluch der gelben Schlange (based on the novel “The Yellow Snake”)
  • 1962 The Inn on the River (based on the novel “The India-Rubber Men”)
  • 1962 Der Hexer (TV Movie) (based on the novel “The Gaunt Stranger” and play “The Ringer”)
  • 1962 The Door with Seven Locks (based on the novel “The Door with Seven Locks”)
  • 1962 Secret of the Red Orchid (based on the novel “When the Gangs Came to London”)
  • 1961 Die seltsame Gräfin (based on the novel “The Strange Countess”)
  • 1961 The Forger of London (based on the novel “The Forger”)
  • 1961 The Devil’s Daffodil (based on the novel “The Daffodil Mystery”)
  • 1961 Clue of the New Pin (based on the novel – uncredited)
  • 1961 Dead Eyes of London (based on the novel “The Dark Eyes of London”)
  • 1961 Der grüne Bogenschütze (based on the novel “The Green Archer”)



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