First seven minutes of long-awaited Brothers Bloom online…legally

Rinko Kikuchi as Bang Bang in The Brothers Bloom
Rinko Kikuchi as Bang Bang in The Brothers Bloom

The first seven minutes of director Rian Johnson’s follow-up to the noir thriller Brick – The Brothers Bloom – is up on Hulu. The Brothers Bloom, which hits theaters on May 29th, is a story of a pair of con men who try to swindle a millionairess (played by Rachel Weisz) out of her cash. Mark Ruffalo and Adrien Brody play the brothers/grifters in the movie, which is described as having ‘complex scenarios of lust and intrigue’. If you’ve seen Brick, you’ll believe that. Brick was an amazing film, that blessed theaters in 2005 out of nowhere.

Now I know there have been some high-profile, quality thrillers released in the past few months that have underperformed, and it’s truly sad. The International, for example, had, aside from Michael Mann’s Heat, one of the most intense and creatively shot gun battles in modern cinema history (the one at the Guggenheim Museum of Art, if you watched movie); State of Play was an emotional, taut and extremely well-acted thriller, with more twists than a fucking roller-coaster. I hope The Brothers Bloom bucks this trend. I don’t know, but when I go to movies (yes, I actually go to movies and I’m an adult), I can see there are people who want to watch these films in theaters. I guess there simply needs to be more of us, to justify the rising production costs. I would hate to have to sit a damn computer desk to watch my films. And TV simply isn’t nearly grand enough…I don’t give a shit how big home systems get – first time I watch a film I want to see, it’s in movie theaters.

So anyway, here’s the first seven minutes of The Brothers Bloom. Hopefully it’ll get more butts into the seats come opening day.

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CLICK HERE to visit director Rian Johnson’s blog dedicated to the movie.

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