A guide to the best film and TV events happening at New York Comic-Con

New York Comic Con 2009
New York Comic Con 2009

New York Comic Con fever has hit the city once again, and this weekend we’ll see thousands of enthusiasts, semi-enthusiasts and those who just want to do something cool, make the journey to comic-east’s hallowed halls – the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center – on the big island. It’s worth mentioning that the state of the economy could have a variety of effects on this year’s many planned events, and some of those effects could actually be positive. As I walk the streets of the city, I’ve had the feeling that people have not only been in a general state of malaise, but have also been seeking a shot in the arm to break out of it. For New Yorkers, Comic Con could at least contribute to that medicine dose.

Some of the many “celeb” attendees include Yvonne Strahovski from NBC’s Chuck; cult genre director Takashi Miike will personally introduce the World Premiere screening of his latest effort Yatterman; Josh Whedon will unveil his latest action thriller/sci-fi TV series Dollhouse, and much, much, much more.

That said, I’ve prepared a list of some of what I feel are the must-attend panels and events that will be taking place, specifically film and TV-related wares.

CLICK HERE to see a complete rundown of my favorite events including the must-see people, panels and activites, their times, hall assignments and addresses, where needed.

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CLICK HERE to download a PDF of the entire unedited events list directly from the New York Comic Con website.