DTV Boot Camp for those not ready for DTV transition

At this point, if you haven’t already prepared yourself for the switch to digital TV, you’re probably one of those people who just don’t like to mess with a good thing. Your TV is working great, and you know how to use one or more of your remote controls to turn it on, change the channels, adjust the volume, and turn it off. Why risk disturbing a finely tuned entertainment system like that?

One word: static. Static is all that you will see come midnight on February 17th if you do nothing about preparing your antenna TVs for the switch to digital. While it may seem like you’re fighting this technological battle on your own, rest assured that everyone else out there is going through the same process. You have a couple different paths that you can choose to prepare for the switch to digital. You could subscribe to cable or satellite services, you could buy a new TV with a digital tuner, or you could choose the cheapest and simplest way by buying a digital to analog converter box.

Even with the recent media blitz, many consumers are still confused about how to buy and set up a converter box., an authorized retailer in the TV Coupon Program, has developed a “DTV Boot Camp” to try to help make the process simple. It’s a series of 7 steps that guide you through the process of purchasing and installing a converter box. While a bit lighthearted, it makes note of some key points that will help to smooth the transition in your own home.

If you continue to find yourself struggling in the battle to switch to DTV and need some support, has everything you need to get up and running. They offer a wide selection of converter boxes and antennas, and their customer service and sales reps actually know how to use the equipment they sell.

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