Jennifer Aniston comedy gets distributor

Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn in Management
Jennifer Aniston and Steve Zahn in Management
Image Entertainment announced today that it has acquired U.S. rights to the film Management starring Jennifer Aniston, Steve Zahn and Woody Harrelson from Sidney Kimmel Entertainment. Under the agreement, Image has secured all theatrical, home video, digital, television and pay-per-view rights for the U.S. The company will release the film theatrically in Spring 2009.

Management is a romantic comedy about a young woman (Aniston) whose chance encounter with a young man (Zahn) managing the roadside motel she stays in turns into an unexpected relationship.

The movie was written and directed by Emmy-nominated Stephen Belber (TV’s Law & Order and Third Watch) and was financed and produced by Sidney Kimmel.

“We’ve made a substantial commitment to bring this film to the big screen and, as we look to 2009, know that this will be but one of an increasing number of cast-driven films we will acquire that has big box office appeal,” said David Borshell, President of Image.

Managemant marks the first major role for Jennifer Aniston, since the 2006 comedy The Break-Up with Vince Vaughn. She also recently completed shooting the Brandon Camp film Traveling with co-stars Aaron Eckhart and Martin Sheen, as well as the Ken Kwapis comedy He’s Just Not That Into You, with Jennifer Connelly, Ginnifer Goodwin, Justin Long, Scarlett Johansson, Ben Affleck, Bradley Cooper, Drew Barrymore and Kris Kristofferson.