Win tickets to The Scream Awards 2008


The Spike TV Scream Awards 2008
The Spike TV Scream Awards 2008
Thought I would share this contest that came my way, that’s being sponsored by Gotham Casting and Spike TV, to celebrate the Scream Awards, which takes place tomorrow (Oct. 18th 2008). I just found out, so sorry for the late notice.

Spike and Gotham Casting are giving away four tickets to the awards show. Here are instructions on how to snag them:

Send an email to Type “CREATION ENT. 2008 SCREAM” in the subject line of the e-mail, and include your Name, Age, Phone #, School (if applicable) and your address. You will be able to bring up to 3 Guests with you to the awards show, so include the name, phone and e-mail of your guests in the email.

The 2-hour television extravaganza pays homage to everything Comics, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Horror. The amount of talent and creativity that goes into these genres needs to be recognized and that is where Scream comes in. Scream will not only be packed with killer A-list talent, but it will be full of the hottest women around. All of your favorite heroes, legends, and freaks gather for the event. And like any good graphic novel, action is expected to ensue.

The event will be at The Greek Theatre, located in Griffith Park, Los Angeles, California. Check in time is at 4pm Pacific. You must be 18 and older in order to attend. The dress code is outrageous. Preferred attire includes tattoo’s, crazy hair, black tee’s, Goth style. You can come casual and be dressed perfect. Think Halloween meets a rock concert! You will be on air the entire show so show your true style.

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