Breakfast With Scot trailer and film details

Eric (Tom Cavanagh) lives for all things hockey. Now in his thirties, he’s managed to turn his stint as an ex-professional hockey player with the Toronto Maple Leaf into a full-time gig as commentator for sports TV. He’s living the dream! But when Eric’s boyfriend, Sam (Ben Shenkman), announces they’re to become temporary guardians of a young boy, Scot (Noah Bernett). Eric’s comfortable world shatters. Freaked out by Scot’s joie de vivre, Eric and Sam gently nudge Scot away from scented hand cream and all things pink, towards a more ‘acceptable’ pastime – hockey. But after Scot’s disastrous first hockey game, Eric begins to rethink the compromises he’s made in his own life in order to be accepted.

The Laurie Lynd (TV’s Degrassi and Queer As Folk)-directed film stars Tom Cavanagh (TV’s Ed and Eli Stone), Ben Shenkman (TV’s Angels in America and Canterbury’s Law) and Noah Bernett (Prom Wars, Gothika).

Breakfast With Scot opens in theaters on Friday, October 10, 2008

Check out the trailer below.

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