Release Dates: 2005

Official Websites: elevationfilmworks.com

Production Company: Deep River Productions

It’s exciting to see an established star take a risk and ask audiences to think of him in a totally different way, and this is precisely what David Schwimmer does with the title role in DUANE HOPWOOD. Directed by Matt Mulhern, the film tells the story of a down-on-his-luck, divorced father (Schwimmer) who works the night shift at an Atlantic City casino and regularly ends his days (which are really mornings) by going on a bender. When a run-in with the law jeopardizes his relationship with his young daughters and ex-wife (Janeane Garofalo), Duane struggles to get his life – and family – back together before it’s too late. Tempered by a knowing and gently comic turn by Judah Friedlander (American Splendor), Schwimmer’s honest portrayal of a life in free-fall makes DUANE HOPWOOD a moving and humorous look at the limits of unconditional love and what defines a family.

Crew: Matt Mulhern (writer and director); Andrew Lang and Melissa Marr (co-producers); Ethan Smith (line producer); Lemore Syvan and Marc Turtletaub (producers); John Tyson (associate producer)

Cast: David Schwimmer as Duane Hopwood, Janeane Garofalo as Linda, Judah Friedlander as Anthony, Susan Lynch as Gina, Dick Cavett as Fred, Steve Schirripa as Steve, Jerry Grayson as Carl, Bill Buell as Wally, John Krasinski as Bob Flynn, Ramya Pratt as Mary, Rachel Covey as Kate, Brian Tarantina as Mr. Alonso, Irma St. Paule as Mrs. Fillipi, Isiah Whitlock Jr. as William and Lenny Venito as Cop

Studio: Elevation Filmworks

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