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Originally Published: March 19, 2005

The Check Up, the short film starring Joe Pantoliano and Kevin Connolly that Volkswagen produced and premiered at Sundance 2005, is now available for download at www.newjetta.com. VW is celebrating the launch of the new Jetta. VW will insert the films on DVD in more than 2 million copies of the April 1 issue of Entertainment Weekly and can also be picked up at local dealerships.

The new film stars Connolly as Mike, a 31-year-old living a wonderfully unattached in-between stage in life.ÊAnd he’s enjoying every minute of it.ÊHowever, there’s an organization that wishes to change all that-the Federal Commission of Adulthood.ÊThey’ve been pressuring Mike (for some time now) to start acting his age.ÊPantoliano plays their most persuasive agent, who has been sent to check on Mike’s progress.ÊWhat ensues is a cat-and-mouse psychological thriller with Mike’s youth virtually hanging in the balance.Ê

VW was a third year presenting sponsor at the 2005 Sundance Film Festival and has long supported the spirit of independent filmmaking. They provided official filmmaker and celebrity transportation, hosted filmmakers, celebrities and select customers at the VW Lounge, and had more than 80 A-list Festival celebrities from Robert Redford to Jenny McCarthy sign the hood of a new Jetta, which is being auctioned off on Ebay.com, to benefit the Sundance Institute.

You can download the film at the VW web site RIGHT HERE »

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