Tribeca Announces Narrative and Doc Feature Films


Originally Published: March 13, 2005

2005 Tribeca Film Festival Announces Narrative and Documentary Feature Film Competitions

Competitive Slate Includes 10 World Premieres, Four International Premieres, 14 North American Premieres and Four U.S. Premieres

We’re just loaded with annoncements from Tribeca this evening. Maybe it’s because it’s a local New York fest. Maybe it’s the quality. Not sure really. Anyway, festival organizers have also announced feature films in the narrative and documentary categories to be presented in competition at the 2005 festival. There will also be feature competitions in the NY, NY category that will be announced separately at a later date.

The competing films in the Narrative Feature Film Competition and Documentary Feature. Film Competition categories were selected from over 1500 films from all over the world. None of the films to be screened in these sections have been seen before in the U.S., and many are World Premieres or International Premieres (films screening for the first time outside their country of production). Countries represented include Bosnia and Herzegovina, Burkino Faso, China, Colombia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Iran, Israel, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Syria, Turkey and the U.S.

The jurors for each of these competitions will be announced at a later date.Ê

Titles of films selected in the two categories are as follows:


4, directed by Ilya Khrzhanovsky, written by Vladimir Sorokin (Russia) – North American Premiere
The Beat My Heart Skipped (De battre mon coeur s’est arrete), directed by Jacques Audiard, written by Audiard and Tonino Benacquista (France) – North American Premiere. A Wellspring release
Boats Out of Watermelon Rinds (Karpuz Kabugundan Gemiler Yapmak), directed and written by Ahmet Ulucay (Turkey) – U.S. Premiere
Gilaneh, directed by Rakhshan Bani-Etemad and Mohsen Abdolvahab, written by Mohsen Abdolvahab, Bani-Etemad and Farid Mostavi (Iran) – International Premiere
I Am a Sex Addict, directed and written by Caveh Zahedi (U.S.A.) – North American Premiere
Iowa (Iowa), directed and written by Matt Farnsworth (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Life and Death Plunder, directed by Li Shaohong, written by Liao Yimei (China) – World Premiere
My Brother’s Summer (L’estate di mio fratello), directed and written by Pietro Reggiani (Italy) – World Premiere
Neo Ned, directed by Van Fischer, written by Tim Boughn (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
The Night of Truth (La nuit de la verite), directed by Fanta Regina Nacro, written by Nacro and Marc Gautron (Burkina Faso) – U.S. Premiere
Simon (Simon), directed and written by Eddy Terstall (Netherlands) – International Premiere
The Sisters, directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman, written by Richard Alfieri (U.S.A.) – World Premiere
Transamerica, directed and written by Duncan Tucker (U.S.A.) – North American Premiere
Ushpizin, directed by Gidi Dar, written by Shuli Rand (Israel) – North American Premiere
Wandering Shadows (La sombra del caminante), directed by Ciro Alfonso Guerra, written by Diana Caicedo (Colombia) – North American Premiere


Coca – The Dove from Chechnya, directed and written by Eric Bergkraut (Switzerland) – North American Premiere
The Devil’s Miner, directed by Kief Davidson and Richard Ladkani (U.S.A., Germany)Ê – U.S. Premiere
Favela Rising, directed by Jeff Zimbalist (Brazil, U.S.A.) – World Premiere
A Flood in Baath Country (Deluge au pays du Baas), directed by Omar Amiralay (Syria) – North American Premiere
From Two Men and A War, directed by Robert Drew (U.S.A) – North American Premiere
Little Peace Of Mine (shalom katan sheli), directed by Eyal Avneri (Israel) – North American Premiere
Looking for the Lost Voice (Bikvot Hakol Havud), directed and written by Tzipi Trope (Israel) – International Premiere
El Perro Negro: Stories from the Spanish Civil War, directed by Peter Forgacs (Netherlands, Hungary) – North American Premiere
Pilgrimage, directed by Bahman Kiarostami (Iran) – World Premiere (shown on a program with Infidels by the same director)
Prostitution Behind the Veil (Prostitution bag sloret), directed by Nahid Persson (Denmark) – North American Premiere
Punk: Attitude, directed by Don Letts (U.K., U.S.A.) – World Premiere
The Sky Turns (El cielo gira), directed and written by Mercedes çlvarez (Spain) – U.S. Premiere
Souls of Naples (Zielen van Napels), directed and written by Vincent Monnikendam (Netherlands) – International Premiere
A State of Mind, directed by Daniel Gordon (U.K., North Korea) – North American Premiere. A Kino International release
To The Other Side (Al Otro Lado), directed by Natalia Almada (U.S.A., Mexico)- World Premiere
Totally Personal (Sasvim Licno), directed by Nedzad Begovic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) – World Premiere
Towards Mathilde (Vers Mathilde), directed by Claire Denis (France) – North American Premiere

The Tribeca Film Festival will take place from April 19 through May 1, 2005 in New York City.

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