SubMariner Project Moves Ahead

Originally Published: December 21 , 2004

One of the Marvel Universe’s oldest superheroes is coming to the big screen (FINALLY), courtesy of Universal Pictures and director/ producer Chris Columbus. The Submariner movie will be produced by Marvel Studios’ Avi Arad, Misher Films banner and Columbus, who is working under his 1492 Production banner.

The Submariner’s other identity is Prince Namor, a half-man/half-amphibian from the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. He has a temper and a rebellious nature. He sometimes finds himself helping the human race and sometimes fighting against it when humans have polluted the waters.

The Submariner first appeared in Marvel Comics #1 back in 1939 when Marvel was known as Timely Comics. He made his first modern appearance in the pages of Fantastic Four in the early 1960s.

David Self wrote the screenplay for what is intended to be an epic film that will highlight various cultures, species and worlds deep in the Earth’s oceans. At the same time, it will tell the tale of Prince Namor, a man who is torn between the world he grew up in and the world he belongs to.

There have been a great deal of activity with comic adaptations in the last two weeks, including our previous story about Nick Cassavetes directing New Line Cinema’s adaptation of Marvel Comics hero Iron Man, Paul Greengrass coming aboard to helm the The Watchmen, which is set up at Paramount and David Goyer taking over directing duties for the Flash, the DC character, now racing to film.

Columbus will move to the Submariner project after completing work on Rent, which is in pre-production at Revolution Studios. He also directed the first two installments of the Harry Potter Series for Warner Brothers.

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