Sci Fi 2006 Film Slate


Originally Published: April 19, 2005

The Sci Fi Channel announced a slate of 28 original films premiering on Saturday nights in 2006, the most of any year to date. The network has greatly improved viewership, with improved quality in its TV film offerings, over the past four years. The Saturday night movie block has been gaining in popularity, recently setting a record 2.7 viewers for an original film starring Bruce Campbell.

The following projects were among those announced for 2006:

Fire Alien, a tongue-in-cheek film about a fire-breathing alien starring William Shatner.

Gryphon, an epic fantasy about a prince and princess from opposing sides of two warring kingdoms who must join forces to defeat a mystical gryphon conjured by an evil wizard.

Heat Stroke, an action-adventure from Farscape executive producer David Kemper about an alien invasion which leads to massive global warming.

Citadel, starring Corin Nemic as a member of an elite corps of American soldiers who must destroy a creature unleashed on Europe by the Nazis after D-Day.

Black Hole Terror, a thriller from director Tibor Takacs (Mansquito) about a failed experiment which threatens to swallow the entire Midwest. Kristy Swanson and Judd Nelson star.

Squid/Tentacles, a creature feature starring a giant squid which attacks the crew of a treasure-hunting expedition.

Magma, a disaster film about a volcanic eruption, starring 24’s Xander Berkley and Reiko Aylesworth along with Amy Jo Johnson (Felicity).

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