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Originally Published: August 21, 2005

LA Charles, has also sent in (well, sometime ago), some great coverage of Comic-Con 2005.




…And that was just me trying to make my way through the swarm of people that attended the 36th annual Comic Con down in San Diego.

Yours truly just got back from the craziness that is Comic Con. For those that don’t, know, Comic Con is the biggest comic book convention going and has grown into more than just comics. It showcases video games, a film festival where a lot of stars come out to pump their film. It also offers panels on how to break into the comic book world from animator to writer to voice over.

Now, one thing I found interesting was how many people came (ahem) “dressed” for the occasion. I saw about twenty-three Obi Won Kenobis, fourteen Siths, A pretty healthy Hulk that actually had a chicken wing in his hand. I saw cheerleaders covered on blue paint. I saw four chubby Stormtroopers, two of whom even smoked while taking a break (Is that cool or what!?). I saw a Black Superman with a perm or maybe it was Al Sharpton, I’m not totally sure yet. I saw all five Power Rangers, one actually shook my hand. That was weird because I didn’t know quite know why he did it? I saw an assortment of people dressed up as video game characters. I even saw The Crow. He was waiting for the bus. Go figure.

Kind of nerdy? Yeah, some say so, moi included, but they looked very into it and looked to be much stoked about the event, and I give the major props for being as creative as they were and confident enough to come out of the house (or Batcave).

I think the funniest thing I saw was how many brothas that were there. Not that strange overall, but it was the ones that looked liked they came straight outta Compton that had me amused. Whenever I would come across one of them they’d look at me as if they got busted or something. Hilarious. I told one cat, “It’s all good, dawg. I know you gotta creep out the hood every now and then and come get ya X-Men on.” He smiled and then quickly disappeared in the sea of souls, hoping he wouldn’t be spotted again. I wonder if he was deciding if he was going to come as a character, which one would he have come as? Gangsta Man? I jest. (wink!)

As a member of the press, I have some major bones to pick with the organizers: TREAT YOUR PRESS RIGHT!

Now, members of the press shouldn’t have to wait in long lines as the regular…ok, I’ll say what I REALLY wanted to say “Peasants”…just to see a panel on “Aeon Flux” or “Doom.” I walked up to one security staff cat, flashed my press badge, and he told m, “You gotta wait in the line with everyone else.” Now that was ridiculous and made no sense. Why be a part of the press if you can’t get ushered into the panels or symposiums? Comic Con, fix that! Also, give us better viewing areas for photos. The angles I had to contort my body into just to take pictures made me feel like I was a part of Cirque De Soleil. (Although some body configurations leaning over certain female photographers wasn’t that bad : -) ).

They should also get their film portion of their event a bit more organized and try to have the entire film stuff take place under one roof as best they can. There was too much walking and running and full on sprints from one building to another. I did so much running that I think I won the Bronze medal in the 400m, although it could be Silver because the reporter from Istanbul may have tested positive for steroids. Wish me luck.

I was also shocked at how NONE of the studios pushing their films had media kits available for the media. Amazing. How do you not come with media kits to hand out to media?

STAR SIGHTINGS: Jamie Foxx, Charlize Theron, The Rock, Adrien Brody, Marlon and Shawn Wayans, Gene Simmons, Charles S. Dutton, William Forsythe, Karl Urban

Ok, now on to the good stuff! The films!

There were many films there showing off their stuff but due to the craziness of the schedules and the trekking back and forth, these were the panels I was able to get to:


The action flick based off the animated action series created by Peter Chung back in 1991 as part of MTV’s Liquid Television, stars the very fine Charlize Theron as the futuristic assassin. Trust me, fellas, from the clips we were privy to, it looks damn good, and Charlize looks damn good in person, too! Charlize said she studied Capoeira, a spectacular Brazilian art-form that combines martial arts with acrobatics, music, and dance, to get ready for this role. You go, girl! Ain’t nothin’ better than watchin’ a fine chick gettin’ her box on! It also stars the very fine Academy Award Nominee Sophie Okonedo, of “Hotel Rwanda” fame. Two for the price of one – Ya gotta love it! “Aeon Flux” is slated to be released 12/31/05.


This was my VERY first video game I ever played when I got my computer back in ’96, so when I found out there were gonna do the movie based off it, I couldn’t wait!

Filmed in Prague, “Doom” stars The Rock as ‘Sarge’ and Karl Urban (“Lord of The Rings’” “Eomer”) as ‘John Grimm’. Of course everyone was waiting for this panel to speak, especially since Rock was on board. Rock had some truly great exchanges with audience members and was as sharp as a tack. Karl even got into the act, so it was all good. One audience member asked what the film was about and one of the producers quipped, “It’s a love story” to which the audience member fired back, “Between Rock and Karl, right?” and Rock and Karl hug each other. Great stuff. Rock said he signed-on because he liked the script and that they were going to stay true to the game and keep the gore.

The clip that was shown was intense and the makeup and FX was top-notch. Probably the best part of the panel was the clip they showed in the POV mode, true to the game. The audience went wild because true Doomers know that angle! It looked just like the video game. “Doom” is slated to be released 10/21/05.


Schlock-Metal rocker Rob Zombie brings us the blood and gore with this joint. “Devil’s Rejects” is the sequel to “House of 1000 Corpses,” and picks up a few weeks after “House” left off. This time, the clash revolves around the tribe of violent lunatics violent and decidedly valueless family members of the original film, who come to be known as the “Devil’s Rejects.”

During the panel, you can tell Rob had just about enough of the junket scene, so his answers were sometimes smart-ass and blasé. Nonetheless, he was funny most of the time with his exchange with the audience. The opening clip was creepy as hell and it was extreme. Rob’s mix of 70s style filmmaking and Sam Peckinpaw western, works damn well for tone and effect. “Devil’s Rejects” is now playing.


“Cry Wolf” is a slasher-flick about a group of prep school kids that decide to spread an internet rumor about a killer named The Wolf who suddenly begins to show up for real.

The director, Jeff Wadlow, shot the film for a million bucks and it looks very good for that price tag. The clip we saw was pretty deep, a bathroom scene where one of the girls had her camera phone and was taking a picture to show her boyfriend she was talking to on the phone. When she sent the picture there was a mysterious person on the bathroom with her. Damn!

They shot it in Virgina and even Jon Bon Jovi makes an appearance. “Cry Wolf” is slated for release 9/23/05.

Between panels, they would also show 30 minutes-worth of trailers for other films due to be released this year, and the crop looks pretty good thus far.

Overall, I had a nice time at Comic Con, despite some of the mishaps here and there, and can’t wait to go back next year…maybe dressed up as Mace Windu or Lando Calrissean – You know I gotta rep the brothas in space!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go and see if they overturned the results in my 400m race…I want my Silver medal, dammit.


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