Piandaryan films debuts indie film The Parallel

Writer-director Jack Piandaryan today announced the release of Piandaryan Films first feature film, The Parallel, which has its exclusive Los Angeles engagement May 11 at Laemmle’s Town Center 5 in Encino, California.

Starring Taylor Gerard Hart and Margaret Scarborough, the movie is a drama about a cocksure teenager who, full of himself and great expectations, wakes up from a debauched night with his girlfriend’s best friend to find himself 20-plus years older and trapped in a bleak life he’d never imagined. The Parallel is a fascinating movie about a teenager’s loss of innocence and intellectual awakening – a young man being thrust against his will, in a very fantastical but non-comedic way, into adulthood’s compromises, responsibilities and hardship, but then finding reward and purchase in it.

Writer, director and producer Jack Piandaryan, who founded Piandaryan Films in 2005, commented, “In The Parallel, Danny ignores a gypsy who tries to warn him that happiness is not predestined simply because one wants it to be. Then he winds up in his predicament. The philosophy behind the film is that there is always a message in what people are saying: Listen to people and hear them, because you can never know what that message would be. Or if you listened to what they say, how would that message affect or change your life? Think!”

Piandaryan immigrated to the United States in the 1980s and after a few years made his entry into the industry as a projectionist in a small sound post-production facility called JDH Sound/Danny Harris. “From there, we somehow got George Lucas’s attention, and a while later we opened Skywalker Sound South in Santa Monica, California,” he said. The audio post-production facility is presently known as Todd-AO Studios West. “After working there many, many years and running their screening room as if it was my own, I formed Piandaryan Films,” Piandaryan continued.

Piandaryan served as the writer, director, and co-executive producer of The Parallel. Despite the movie’s speculative fiction aspect, Piandaryan is not relying on special effects to tell the story. “I like to keep things simple, shots clear and level,” he said. “Let the actors do the job and make the miracle take place. There’s no need to get complicated.” His next project, Passing Bus features a bus that takes people into dreams or another dimension. Another project, The Lawful Outlaw, is in development.

To view a trailer of The Parallel, visit www.piandaryanfilms.net.

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