Georgia Rule first exclusive trailer

Georgia Rule was the film Lindsey Lohan was working on before she got in trouble for partying harder than me in my 20’s. The first trailer for the film is live. In Georgia Rule, Lohan’s compulsive and uncontrollable behavior finally becomes too much for her mom Lilly (Felicity Huffman). No longer able to understand her daughter’s anger and with her patience wearing thin following her recent car crash (hummm!), Lilly sends the rebellious girl away to live with her grandmother Georgia (Jane Fonda) in a farm in Idaho. Although at first it may seem like a dull and carefree vacation, Rachel soon finds out that her time at the farm will be filled with discipline and hard work, while she looks for extreme ways to shake up the quiet Mormon town her grandmother resides in.

Sound good? well check out this exclusive trailer for Georgia Rule RIGHT HERE

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