Exclusive Clip From The Hitcher

The original Hitcher film was definitely a favorite horror of mine. When I first heard about the remake, I thought ‘Why’? Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a great cult hit, being played for years at midnight shows around the country, but lacked any real storyline or depth, so a remake was inevitable, and as it turned out, worthy.

The Hitcher was a seriously strong peice of filmmaking. What I deeply enjoyed was that it wasn’t a big studio film, that had tons of money and advertising. It was just a passionate group of filmmakers making a movie on a highway. A highway that could have been any highway, in any dusty town. That inspired my own filmmaking ambitions. Combine that with Rutger Hauer, who played his role of ‘human/demon’ to perfection, and you have a film that easily stands up to today’s standards of entertainment.

However, since the original was so good, and the filmmakers that created this remake are also seriously passionate about what they do (they created The Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake and it’s 2006 sequel), I am a little more than curious about the new Hitcher.

Let’s see who gets torn apart in this one (a little spoiler).

Check out an exclusive clip from The Hitcher RIGHT HERE

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