Weinsteins’ Dimension Acquires Boathouse

Dimension Films announced today that they have acquired the rights to develop The Boathouse, a supernatural thriller pitch being written by David Loucka. Iain Softley (The Skeleton Key) is set to direct and will be produced by Softley and Sarah Curtis (Mrs. Brown) through their company Forthcoming Productions, along with Ehren Kruger (writer of The Ring, The Skeleton Key and Scream 3), and Daniel Bobker (The Skeleton Key).

In The Boathouse, a man who falls into a torrid affair with a mysterious young woman, slowly discovers that several of the woman’s past lovers were murdered under suspicious circumstances, and that the sexy female might carry with her a dark disturbing curse.

Ehren Kruger stated, “The Boathouse is a standout horror story – a scary film that explores sexual seduction in a way that the genre rarely braves to. The project brims with the kind of rich characters and mystical romantic appeal which distinguish Iain Softley’s work. We’re all excited to be making yet another Dimension film which redefines where today’s scary movies are headed.”

Richard Saperstein, president of production, and Matthew Stein, senior vice president of production will oversee the project for Dimension Films.

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