More I Am Legend Info


I had reported casting news on Will Smith’s I Am Legend project, and their filming in New York City and the outer boroughs of the island (See Story). Well, Ain’t It Cool News has gotten more great info about the project, from a New Yorker who has seen the flyers from the production company, and they’re going to be filming in his ‘hood, apparently.

He also sent in a brief synopsis of I Am Legend, that states “Will Smith plays Robert Neville, an Army doctor who stays behind on the island of Manhattan, after a plague forces a complete evacuation. He is immune, and has stayed behind to find a cure.”

Not sure if I like the idea that only the island of Manhattan is infected. Maybe it’s a bogus synopsis put out by the production company, to keep us reporters at bay, but it sounds to much like Escape From New York, if Will is going to be fighting angry beasts to survive on Manhattan Island. (Even though Russell fought angry humans) Mmmmm…. But could this be a kick-ass action film along the lines of I-Robot, which I loved.

I am still borderline on this remake, being a huge fan of the original film (1971’s Omega Man with Charlton Heston as Neville), and need to know more.

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