Mostow to Tackle Sub-Mariner

AICN has just reported that Jonathan Mostow (Breakdown, U571, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines) is going to write and director Sub-Mariner as his next project. I am huge fan of Mostow ever since Breakdown.I thought it was a riveting, kinetic action film. Although the storyline itself may not have been the most original, it was told in a very original way, and filmed with a sense of realism and urgency I rarely see in American films. It was a balls-to-the-ground piece of cinema. Then U571 came along and proved that Breakdown was no freshman bit of luck. It was a slice of American history, told in a way that made you feel as though you were on the submarines, fighting for your life along with the sailors fighting for their last breath.

Mostow is the perfect choice for a character like Sub-Mariner, too. A comic character like this isn’t easy to bring to the screen, and make believable. If anyone can do it, Mostow has the best shot.

David Self (Road to Perdition, Thirteen Days) has written a draft of the screenplay. Self also wrote the screenplays for the upcoming Deathlok (due in 2008) and Captain America (due in 2009) movies.

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