Are You a John Tucker?

On July 28th, 20th Century Fox presents John Tucker Must Die, a teen flick about a high school basketball star and his three unsuspecting girlfriends. When Beth, Carrie and Heather discover that John Tucker is secretly dating all of them, they team up with new girl Kate to do what any brokenhearted teenage girl would – sabotage John Tucker and break his heart. 

In an innovative interactive campaign, the teenage drama of John Tucker Must Die will be presented to fans week by week via MySpace, where each character has their own profile and the storyline will develop through the conversations the girls have with each other and with our anti-hero himself.

Link to each character’s profiles here:

Then answer the following questions to see if you are a John Tucker, or might be dating one.

Are you a John Tucker?

What type of lady turns you on
A.The Cheerleader
B. Earth-loving chicks
C. The a/v club nerd
D. All of the above.

How many dates have you been on in the past month?
A. 0-5.
B. 6-15
C. 16-30
D. 10 since you started this survey.

Are you dating a John Tucker?

Okay so you guys just have finished some heavy petting and he likes to call you…
A. By your first name. Actually, loves your name so much that he’s getting it tattooed across his left nipple.
B. By your special nickname. Secrets. Secrets.
C. General name like baby, sweetie, beautiful, gorgeous, pookie. It’s not like it matters.

When you see him in the hallway, he likes to
A. Gives you hugs in front of his friends and walks you to class. Your BF Rules!!!
B. Gives you little winks when no one is looking. He’s way class, so you know.
C. Your relationship is on the d/l so you can’t really . . .

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