Sharky’s Machine Remake Coming

According to The Book Standard, Warner Brothers is producing a remake of the 1981 film Sharky’s Machine, with Phil Joanou (who is in post-production on Gridiron Gang, starring the Rock and Xzibit) attached to direct.

The original Sharky’s Machine was released in 1981, and directed by and starred Burt Reynolds. I remember being so excited to see that film, after watching a making of series, that talked about the stunt from Atlanta’s Hyatt Regency Hotel, which still holds up as the longest outdoor free fall (at 220 feet) ever performed for commercial film. The stuntman was Dar Robinson. I also remember the scene when Sharky has some of his fingers removed by bad guys trying to get some information out of him. The original film was based on William Diehl’s 1978 novel.

In the film, Reynolds played Sgt. Tom Sharky, a vice cop who puts together a team of his fellow investigators to hunt down a group of brutal bad guys, who murdered a blind prostitute and her john.

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