The Night of the Hunter Narration + A Cappella Music + 60-Page Photo Book (Import)

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CD Digipack with 17 tracks of narration by Charles Laughton, who tells the story of the film noir classic movie starring Robert Mitchum and Shelley Winters. Also included are three songs sung a cappella by Robert Mitchum. The deluxe package comes with a 60-page booklet that includes still frames from the film and a written transcript of the narration dialogue.

Special Features

  • 60-page booklet with still frames from the film
  • Written transcript of narration dialogue


  • Introduction
    The Story Begins
    Ben Harper's Downfall
    Ben's Prison Companion
    The Preacher's Plot
    Uncle Birdie
    John Hates The Preacher
    John Will Never Tell
    The Preacher Strikes
    The Children Hide
    The Children Flee
    Pearl's Dream
    Rachel Cooper
    Rachel Defends Her Charges
    Christmas-The Conclusion


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