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The James Bond Collection Special Edition Volume 1 007 DVD

Currently Unavailable
DVD SetSKU: 170429-64738-1
Weight: 2.08 lbs
Condition: VG Very Good - This item is used. See Details section and photos for specifics on item condition.

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Product Types: Products | Movies & TV
Lines: Cult Flavor | Throwback Space
Formats: DVD
Genres: Action | Adventure | Comedy | Crime | Spy Films | Thrillers
Studio: MGM
Original U.S. Release: May 8, 1963
Item Release Date: November 22, 2002
Rating: PG
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The James Bond Collection, Vol. 1 collects the same feature-packed DVDs that appeared in previous Bond boxes, but in a new combination of titles, one with a decidedly golden gleam. In 1962 Sean Connery defined the cinematic James Bond as a tough, charming, and thoroughly professional cold war spy with a license to kill in the lean, hard-edged Dr. No. With Ursula Andress (as the original Bond girl Honeychile Ryder, who makes her entrance in a bikini), Bond battles a renegade supervillain with little more than his wits, his cunning, and his Walther PPK. In Goldfinger (1964) Connery’s steely presence helped forge the formula of tongue-in-cheek wit, wondrous secret agent toys created by Q, and megalomaniac supervillains bent on world destruction.

Roger Moore brought a light tone and a suave assurance to the series, and in The Man with the Golden Gun (1974), he battles million-dollar assassin Christopher Lee, one of Bond’s most magnetic adversaries. The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), perhaps Moore’s finest hour, is a return to the extravagant set pieces and cold war thrills of Connery’s pictures and introduces Richard Kiel’s steel-dentured Jaws to the series. Timothy Dalton made his second and final appearance as Bond in Licence to Kill (1989), the toughest of the Bond films since Connery’s early efforts. Though not a fan favorite, it’s a sleek, solid adventure with an edge missing from the Moore pictures.

Pierce Brosnan is the latest to take on the 007 mantle, combining the best of Connery’s cool and Moore’s humor. GoldenEye (1995) is a grand globetrotting adventure with lovely Bond girls and a tough new M (Judy Dench). Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) doesn’t recapture that magic mix of action, gadgetry, and romance, but does feature the first Bond girl to match 007 blow for blow: Hong Kong action superstar Michelle Yeoh. The DVD editions of the films each feature audio commentary tracks by the director and key members of the crew, making-of documentaries, and a host of stills, TV spots, and trailers.

Special Features

  • Still galleries
  • Collectible making-of booklets
  • Dr. No
  • Commentary by director Terence Young, the cast and crew
  • Two documentaries
  • Featurette
  • Goldfinger
  • Commentary by director Guy Hamilton and commentary by the cast and crew
  • Original radio interviews with Sean Connery
  • Two documentaries
  • Original publicity featurette
  • The Man with the Golden Gun
  • Commentary by director Guy Hamilton, the cast and crew
  • Inside The Man With The Golden Gun documentary
  • Double-0 Stuntmen documentary
  • The Spy Who Loved Me
  • Commentary by director Lewis Gilbert, the cast and crew
  • Two documentaries
  • Licence to Kill
  • Commentary by director John Glen
  • Commentary by producer Michael G. Wilson
  • Documentary
  • Promotional featurette highlighting stunt footage & theatrical publicity footage
  • Music videos: "License to Kill" by Gladys Knight & "If You Asked Me To" by Patti LaBelle
  • GoldenEye
  • Commentary by director Martin Campbell & producer Michael G. Wilson
  • Documentary: The World of 007
  • "The GoldenEye Video Journal" featurette
  • Music video "GoldenEye" by Tina Turner
  • Tomorrow Never Dies
  • Commentary by director Roger Spottiswoode
  • Commentary by second unit director Vic Armstrong & producer Michael G. Wilson
  • Secrets of 007 featurette
  • Stunning visual effects reel
  • Music video "Tomorrow Never Dies" by Sheryl Crow
  • Isolated music-only audio track & interview with composer David Arnold
  • Innovative storyboard overlay technology that compares initial "Action-Scene" concepts with the final film

Cast: Alan Cumming | Alejandro Bracho | Alf Joint | Anthony Dawson | Anthony Starke | Anthony Zerbe | Austin Willis | Barbara Bach | Benicio Del Toro | Bernard Lee | Britt Ekland | Carey Lowell | Carmen Du Sautoy | Caroline Bliss | Caroline Munro | Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa | Cec Linder | Cecilie Thomsen | Christopher Lee | Christopher Neame | Clifton James | Colin Salmon | Colin Stinton | Curd Jürgens | David Hedison | Desmond Llewelyn | Diane Hsu | Don Stroud | Edward de Souza | Eunice Gayson | Everett McGill | Famke Janssen | Frank McRae | Geoffrey Keen | Geoffrey Palmer | George Baker | Gerard Butler | Gert Fröbe | Gottfried John | Götz Otto | Grand L. Bush | Guy De Saint Cyr | Harold Sakata | Hervé Villechaize | Honor Blackman | Izabella Scorupco | Jack Lord | James Cossins | Joe Don Baker | John Kitzmiller | Jonathan Pryce | Joseph Wiseman | Judi Dench | Julian Fellowes | Lois Maxwell | Marc Lawrence | Margaret Nolan | Marne Maitland | Martin Benson | Maud Adams | Michael Billington | Michel Mok | Michelle Yeoh | Minnie Driver | Nadim Sawalha | Nina Young | Olga Bisera | Pedro Armendáriz Jr. | Peter Burton | Phillip Chung-Fung Kwok | Pierce Brosnan | Priscilla Barnes | Rafer Johnson | Richard Kiel | Richard Loo | Ricky Jay | Robbie Coltrane | Robert Brown | Robert Davi | Roger Moore | Samantha Bond | Sean Bean | Sean Connery | Shirley Eaton | Soon-Tek Oh | Sydney Tafler | Talisa Soto | Tania Mallet | Tchéky Karyo | Terence Rigby | Teri Hatcher | Timothy Dalton | Ursula Andress | Vernon Dobtcheff | Vincent Schiavelli | Walter Gotell | Wayne Newton | Yao Lin Chen | Yvonne Shima | Zena Marshall
Directors: Guy Hamilton | John Glen | Lewis Gilbert | Martin Campbell | Roger Spottiswoode | Terence Young

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