The Best of Ancient Aliens Greatest Mysteries 2-Disc DVD Collection

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Plunge headlong into the greatest alien mysteries of all time in this BEST OF ANCIENT ALIENSr: GREATEST MYSTERIES two-disc set from H2T. This provocative series explores the possibility that advanced technologies such as lasers and even gravity manipulation devices enabled ancient humans to construct colossal structures throughout the world. Many of these “unexplained” structures show engineering techniques thought to be unknown at the time, from a Peruvian mountaintop fortress to a power-generating Mesoamerican pyramid to Indian temples that could harness cosmic energy. Might these technologies have come from distant galaxies? Or were the ancient build ers really extraterrestrials? And, thousands of years later, did the Nazis experiment with similar advanced alien technologies? We’ll also consider whether contemporary rituals believed to connect humans to another dimension are based on ancient experiences with aliens. And we’ll examine whether some of humanity’s most crippling epidemics, like the sixth-century Justinian Plague and the Black Death of the Middle Ages, can be traced to the darkest voids of space. Through 75 million years of the most credible evidence available on earth, H2T entertains these and many more spectacular prospects.


  • Includes 8 Episodes on 2 Discs
  • Aliens and the Third Reich
  • Alien Tech
  • Angels and Aliens
  • Unexplained Structures
  • Aliens and Mysterious Rituals
  • Aliens and Ancient Engineers
  • Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics
  • Aliens and Lost Worlds


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