Mad Max 2: 40 Years of Mayhem 40th Anniversary Celebration

The Silverton Collective, The Mad Max 2 Museum and the Silverton Camel Farm would like to welcome you to their Celebration of Mad Max 2, The Road Warrior, marking 40 years (and a bit) of the “greatest film ever made.” Immerse yourself in the original locations and the recreated 7 Sisters Compound. This is a ticketed event and those tickets go on sale in late 2023. There are only 500 tickets available for the Celebration.

The privately owned Mad Max 2 Museum pays homage to The Road Warrior, which was filmed in the region. The Museum houses a great deal of memorabilia from the movie and also houses two V8 Interceptor replicas, heavily modified Ford Falcon XB GT’s.

Mel Gibson stars in this stunning futuristic apocalypse on wheels, the second of the Mad Max series of films, directed by George Miller. World War III has just ended and the world’s remaining inhabitants are on a desperate, devastating, struggle to survive. Gasoline is in short supply and those remaining, turn on one another for the crude oil.

Below is a replica version of the V8 Interceptor Ford Falcon XB GT, on display outside The Silverton Hotel.