X-Men director Bryan Singer to reboot The Twilight Zone TV show

The Twilight Zone is set to return to primetime television and X-Men director Bryan Singer has been tapped to develop, executive produce and may direct the reboot of Rod Serling’s cult classic sci-fi series. CBS TV Studios, which owns the rights to the original series, is looking for a writer to pen the new Twilight ….

Original The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection 28 DVD Set marked down 63%

Found a great deal on Amazon.com this morning. The Original Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection is marked down to $111.99. With 28 DVDs in the set, that makes The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection DVD Set cost about $4 per DVD. It’s set up as one of Amazon’s Gold Box Deals, so that ….

Twilight Zone event to include screenings and pop culture debate marking 50th Anniversary of cult series

October 2nd, 2009 marks the 50th Anniversary of Rod Serling’s sci-fi classic show The Twilight Zone, which almost single-handedly triggered the inclusion of the television sci-fi genre into the pop culture lexicon. On that night, illustrator, author and Twilight Zone scholar Arlen Schumer will be hosting a multimedia presentation called The Twilight Zone Forever at ….

Rod Serling Archives to host Twilight Zone 50 Year Anniversary conference

Submitted for Your Approval Celebrating 50 Years of The Twilight Zone is a conference dedicated to the works of Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling. The conference is set for Friday, October 2nd, and Saturday, October 3rd, 2009, at the Roy H. Park School of Communications at Ithaca College. Ithaca College, where Serling taught from 1967 ….

Leonardo DiCaprio’s new Twilight Zone film gets new writer

Warner Bros. and Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way have taken a step closer to creating a film based on the cult classic TV show The Twilight Zone, by contracting TV series Life show creator Rand Ravich to write a screenplay for the project. Aside from creating Life, Ravich directed The Astronaut’s Wife and produced ….

New York Comic-Con events to include Wanted sequel teaser, Twilight Zone Anniversary, Astro Boy preview, Greatest Badass Movie Characters and much more

In total, there will be over 200 hours of programming presented at New York Comic Con this year, encompassing a range of subjects and fields, and including some of the top personalities, creators and industry leaders from the pop culture world. The program is now live on the website enabling thousands of fans to not ….