Promote your film & music entertainment projects FREE here on Film Fetish!

Now you can promote your projects right here on for free! That’s right! Whether you’re an actor looking for exposure; a filmmaker with a trailer that you want to get in front of movie fans; a promoter with a flier for your next event; or a band about to go on tour. Our community is made up of dedicated film, TV & music fans and we want to give independent creators the opportunity to promote their projects on our new #FilmFetish Foto section.

Simply post your flier, trailer, headshot or model card to your Instagram profile and add the hashtags #FilmFetish.

If you would us to share your content directly to our Instagram @FilmFetish and here on, then also tag us with @FilmFetish to get our attention and we’ll reach out for more information.

Please allow 24 hours for your content to appear in the feed.

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