Shocking photos from indie human trafficking thriller Wife Missing

Today I received a set of powerful still images from an upcoming suspense thriller called Wife Missing. The film adaptation is based on a novel by Annastasya Esme. The movie tells the true story of a young woman’s abusive relationship that takes an even darker turn into the world of human trafficking.

I’ve posted a teaser trailer below that producers and actress Denise Reed – who provided Film Fetish with the images – created to convey the tone of the project. Take a look at the trailer & images and let us know what you think.

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The film stars Denise J. Reed, Mark Vincent, Shannon Brown and Giovanni Bertoia.

Here is the synopsis of Wife Missing:

Wife Missing is the film adaptation of the novel, which is based on a true story written by Annastasya Esme. Wife Missing has NOT been filmed yet! We took some of the scenes from the full length script and created a teaser for everyone to view and to help us raise the money needed to make the full length feature. Wife Missing has been described as Enough (Jennifer Lopez) meets Taken (Liam Neeson). Wife Missing is guaranteed to keep you in suspense, while educating you about some very strong topics that need to be eradicated in the world. The film, a psychological thriller full of drama, crime and suspense, tells the story of Brianna, a woman who battles her way through life with an abusive husband and then faces the merciless world of human trafficking. Follow her journey as she takes on one struggle after the next, trying to survive and get back home to her two young children. Although a dark twisted thriller, you’ll be surprised how she gets revenge at the end!

Help fund this independently-produced film at