Robert Kirkman, Iron Fists, Ben Folds Five and more photos from New York Comic-Con 2012 day one

The highlights of New York Comic-Con day one included getting a free movie poster for The Man With the Iron Fists, free pizza during a panel given by Gene Roddenberry Entertainment, getting a comic signed by filmmaker John Carpenter, and a free concert by the group Ben Folds Five.

The attached photos include: Ben Folds Five performing in the IGN Theater at Javits Center; The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman; various costumed super heroes; the eldest son of the Ghetto Brothers’ founder Benjy Melendez, who looks remarkably like Bruce Lee’s son Brandon; martial arts film historian and writer Ric Meyers, standing in front of a wall of movie posters for RZA’s upcoming film Man With the Iron Fists; a group of Vamplets; the Legendary Films booth, displaying costumes from their upcoming movie Pacific Rim; an Alien video game exhibit; and more costumes characters about to brawl (for fun and the cameras).

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