Watch cult classic Battle Royale on the big screen and stay for a midnight screening of The Warriors

Hot on the heels of Anchor Bay Entertainment’s recently released gorgeous collector’s edition of the cult classic Battle Royale, IFC Center tonight starts an exclusive New York City theatrical run of Kinji Fukasaku’s teen survival epic, featuring a high-definition digital projection.

A long-unavailable underground hit, veteran director Fukasaku’s incredibly violent, still-shocking and deeply influential genre masterpiece takes place in a dystopic alternate universe. To combat social unrest and economic catastrophe, the government has taken radical steps: every year, a randomly-selected ninth-grade class is sent to a deserted island and forced to battle to the death until only one survivor is left.

Showtimes through Thursday, May 31st are 1:40, 4:15, 7:00 and 9:35pm, plus additional late shows on Friday and Saturday at 11:35pm.

For the serious cult cinema aficionado IFC Center continues its Wild Hill: Walter Hill at Midnight screening series this weekend, with Walter Hill’s gang violence epic The Warriors, running through Sunday at 12:05am.

If The Warriors doesn’t make you want to “come out and play,” maybe a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller Vertigo will. Vertigo screens through Monday at 11am, plus late shows Friday-Sunday at 11:55pm.

IFC Center is located at 323 Sixth Avenue, in New York City.