Producer gives multiple Godzilla reboot updates


Scene from the original Godzilla

Zennie62 caught up with producer Brian Rogers at the recent 3D Summit in Universal City, and discussed Legendary Pictures’ upcoming Godzilla reboot film, which is currently targeting a 2012 release.

Negotiations with license-owner Toho have been underway since 2007, and now Rogers feels that Legendary Pictures is the perfect home, since they intend to pay homage to the traditional character.

According to Rogers, “Legendary did not want to make the same decisions Sony did…we’re not going to see a more iguana-like Godzilla laying eggs.”

The producer also referenced Christopher Nolan’s Legendary-produced Batman films as a touchstone, bringing Godzilla into the 21st century, but keeping recognizable iconic monster we all know and love to fear.

Regarding other monsters in the film, he says “I think I can safely say that there’ll be other monsters that Godzilla will fight. That’s what the fanbase wants to see. Not having that in the Sony version was a drawback. Godzilla fighting the U.S. army was not in the spirit of the character.”

Check out the entire video interview below.

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