Hellraiser’s new Pinhead is…


The Cenobites from Hellraiser
The Cenobites from Hellraiser

Bloody Disgusting has reported who will replace Doug Bradley as the infamous “Pinhead” in Dimension Films’ currently shooting Hellraiser: Revelations, as well as who will be playing “Pseudo-Pinhead”.

After an exhaustive search, they’ve gotten exclusive confirmation that Stephan Smith Collins (Rubberneck, Where’s My Stuff?) will star as “Pinhead” in Victor Garcia’s (Mirrors 2, Return to House on Haunted Hill) Hellraiser: Revelations.

FX specialist Gary J. Tunnicliffe wrote the script for Hellraiser: Revelations, which centers on two friends who unleash Pinhead, who becomes their master of pain. After one of the friends has a change of heart, he backs out on his oath hoping to swap himself out with one of his friend’s family members.

Also reported was that Nick Eversman (Vampires Suck) has been cast in the film, and that Jay Gillespie will star as Nico, a “Pseudo-Pinhead”.

Eversman plays the son of Sarah (possibly Devon Sorvari) and Ross (Steven Brand), and begins the mayhem while on a backpacking trip in Mexico with his friend Nico (Gillespie). On their trip the duo are presented with a choice to “experience a reality beyond current existence” thanks to the infamous puzzle box, making Pinhead his master.

After Nico realizes that he’s committed to Pinhead indefinitely, he attempts a daring switch to release himself from the puzzle box. But apparently things go wrong as he becomes a “Pseudo-Pinhead”, mimicking Pinhead’s appearance as closely as possible, reveling in the pain that leads to his pleasure.