BFI looking to rescue Hitchcock

Part of the mission of the BFI National Archive is to look after the film heritage of Great Britain. The Archive contains the largest and most important film and TV collection in the world by many standards.

Curators of the BFI National Archive have identified a collection of films in desperate need of restoration with nine of Alfred Hitchcock’s early silent films being the first to seek rescue through the Support the BFI campaign.

Hitchcock’s nine surviving silent films are among the most important in British cinema history, but decades of wear and tear have left them in urgent need of restoration.

The nine films include:

  • The Pleasure Garden (1925)
  • The Lodger (1926)
  • The Ring (1927)
  • Downhill (1927)
  • Easy Virtue (1927)
  • The Farmers Wife (1927)
  • Champagne (1928)
  • The Manxman (1929)
  • Blackmail (1929)

Watch the appeal reel the BFI has put together below.

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