Win one of two copies of MysteryQuest: The Complete Season One 4-Disc DVD Set

MysteryQuest: The Complete Season One
MysteryQuest: The Complete Season One

From Alien Cover-Ups to the Lost City of Atlantis, join History on a high-tech investigation into the world’s most puzzling mysteries in the thrilling series MysteryQuest: The Complete Season One, which hits DVD tomorrow, March 30th. FilmFetish is giving away two of the 4-disc DVD releases to readers, so enter our contest below for a chance to win.

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I’ll be running the MysteryQuest: The Complete Season contest through Friday, April 9, 2010.

More about MysteryQuest: The Complete Season One

Dispatching teams of experts to try to solve some of mankind’s strangest and most persistent mysteries History travels to the furthest reaches of the globe in search of the truth in MysteryQuest: The Complete Season One. Utilizing leading researchers, scientific inquiry, cutting-edge forensic techniques and expert interviews, each mystery – from Hitler’s Escape and the Lost City of Atlantis to the Zodiac Killer – is explored in a unique way in this eye-opening 10-part series making its home entertainment debut as a 4-disc set from A&E Home Entertainment.

It’s MonsterQuest meets UFO Hunters in each episode of MysteryQuest, as on-location shooting, high-tech gadgetry and visual and audio analysis unite with modern-day forensics in an attempt to bring us one step closer to the truth behind history’s biggest unsolved puzzles. Will history be re-written? Tune in to episodes including: “Alien Cover-up”, “Devil’s Island”, “Hitler’s Escape”, “Lost City of Atlantis”, “San Francisco Slaughter”, “Amityville”, “Devil’s Triangle”, “Jack the Ripper”, “Rise of the Fourth Reich” and “Stonehenge”.

Run Time: 10 hrs., 11 mins.
Format: DVD/4 Discs
DVD Release Date: March 30, 2010

MysteryQuest: The Complete Season One DVD packaging
MysteryQuest: The Complete Season One DVD packaging
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