Legendary Pictures is now confirmed to be developing new U.S. Godzilla film


Scene from the original Godzilla

Godzilla is returning to U.S. movie theaters, this time courtesy of Legendary Pictures, according to Entertainment Weekly, although this was first rumored last August by Bloody Disgusting. Toho’s legendary monster should be in good hands with Legendary, the studio behind this week’s Clash of the Titans remake, and it should be a decent mass-market film.

Godzilla will be a co-production with frequent partner Warner Bros, with Toho distributing the film in Japan.

According to this new report, Legendary has made it clear the new film won’t be a sequel to the 1998 movie that Sony and Roland Emmerich unleashed on an unsuspecting public. The Matthew Broderick film was panned, but still managed to gross close to $400 million worldwide.

The new Godzilla is described as a re-imagining of the original Godzilla films, with plans to announce a director very soon, and hopes to release the movie in 2012.

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