Gilligan’s Island movie coming to theaters

Cast of the original Gilligans Island
Cast of the original Gilligans Island

Why not? Hollywood has mined just about every other cult classic TV show, so why not this one right?

According to Variety, Warner Bros. and Atlas Entertainment have started development on a feature film based on the iconic CBS sitcom Gilligan’s Island, which ran for 98 episodes & three seasons between 1964 and 1967, then found eternal life in syndication.

Original show producer Sherwood Schwartz will executive produce with his son Lloyd Schwartz, and Charles Roven (The International, The Dark Knight) & Richard Suckle (Scooby-Doo) are producing for Atlas, with Brad Copeland (Wild Hogs) writing the script.

Plans are for a contemporary take on the original premise, with the characters remaining intact.

Gilligan’s Island originally starred Bob Denver as the title character, and centered on the misadventures of seven castaways, including two crew members, a millionaire couple, a professor, a movie star and a girl-next-door type, who are all stranded on an uncharted and uninhabited island in the Pacific. The show also starred Alan Hale Jr. as Jonas ‘The Skipper’ Grumby, Jim Backus as Thurston Howell III, Natalie Schafer as Lovey Howell, Tina Louise as Ginger Grant, Russell Johnson as Professor Roy Hinkley and Dawn Wells as Mary Ann Summers.

According to the report, while there hasn’t been any casting for the new version yet, Sherwood Schwartz said in an interview last year that he was interested in Michael Cera as Gilligan.

I just hope it’s better than Land of the Lost.