Win one of five copies of the indie crime thriller Heist on DVD

Dana Fares in Heist
Dana Fares in Heist

Echo Bridge and EBS World Entertainment will release the crime thriller Heist on DVD this Tuesday, February 9th. To celebrate the film’s release, FilmFetish is giving away five copies of the DVD to readers.

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In order to be entered into the random drawing for your free copy of Heist, you must also:

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I’ll be running this contest through Friday, February 26, 2010.

More about Heist

Erik and David stare down the barrel of a gun, held by a Columbian drug kingpin named Luis. He’s also their boss. When David is caught dealing on the side, the friends are given an ultimatum: pay their debt or be killed. With his life spiraling out of control, Erik must turn to his older brother, K, the leader of LA’s most brutal gang of thieves.

His next big job- the heist of an armored truck-still months away, K chooses to move up the plans to save his kid brother. With the clock ticking, K is forced to push ahead with a crew of dangerous and unpredictable outlaws.

The heist goes remarkably, smoothly, but what started as a clean operation quickly start to unravel. As tempers boil over and the body count begins to rise, K must fight to protect Erik from the trigger-happy maniacs who will do anything for a buck. Will Erik survive long enough to pay off his debt and save his life? No one is safe, and only on this is certain… When the money’s dirty, no one gets out clean.

CAST: Rick Jordan, Christian Mendez, Erik David, Tim Aslin, Edward Bradford, Frank Drank, Victor Dean, Emanuel Borria, Christian Castro, George Hernandez, Jason Park, John Chung, Darren Thomas, Sean Ridgway, Joe Perales, Dana Fares, Luis Alberto Aracena, Welch David Alan Graf, Hasonni Johnson, J B Bryte

CLICK HERE to watch the trailer and find out more about Heist.

Heist DVD cover
Heist DVD cover