Is Watchmen 2 on the horizon?

I’m sure Alan Moore will go postal on DC, if it turns into anything. Bleeding Cool reported recently that DC is considering the franchise treatment for Alan Moore’s seminal graphic novel, which has been considered the holy grail of comics for the last twenty years.

According to the report, despite DC’s very public falling out with Moore, DC Comics Publisher and President Paul Levitz was always adamant that Watchmen, at least in print form, was not to be messed with, feeling that it would be against Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons’ wishes, and would be a creatively bankrupt move. But with Levitz has since stepped down, and the once untouchable Watchmen has lost its strongest inside protector.

Apparently an expanded Watchmen universe is now DC senior vice president Dan Didio’s pet project, who has visions of a series of comics prequels, sequels and spin-offs, and likely, more films.

This is dangerous territory for any writer or artist to take on, as it would expose them to the certain wrath of the entire fanboy universe. But when it comes to sequels, is there really anything off limits?

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