Avatar director says ‘just add money’ to Battle Angel Alita adaptation


Recently James Cameron updated MTV News on his planned adaptation of Yukito Kishiro’s popular manga, Battle Angel Alita, which centers on the adventures of a robotic warrior rescued from the scrapheap by a scientist.

“The mixture of live-action and CG is a little trickier in 3-D than it is 2-D,” Cameron told MTV News. “Now we see it’s good to have done Avatar first before ‘Battle Angel,’ because the tricky scenes are where you’re blending live-action photography, stereoscopic photography and CG.”

Cameron indicates that ‘Battle Angel’ is still on his radar, although no casting has been started on the film.

“We’re not that far down the line,” he said. “We have a very good script and we’ve done a lot of production design. We’ve done about a year of production design and we’ve put together an art reel that shows the arc of the film.”

He went on to say “just add water”…meaning funding is the next hurdle in getting the project made. After the reception Avatar has received by theater-goers and the critical community alike, I’m sure funding any project he wants to work on won’t be an issue.

Check out a clip from the interview below.

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