Brad Pitt developing and may headline film adaptation of upcoming sci-fi fantasy game Dark Void


Screenshot from the Dark Void game
Screenshot from the Dark Void game

Reliance BIG Entertainment and Brad Pitt’s Plan B production company are developing a movie based on the upcoming video game Dark Void, which could also see Pitt starring as the lead combatant, according to THR’s Risky Business. The companies have nabbed the rights to the Capcom third-person shooter and will develop the film as a “potential starring vehicle” for Pitt.

The Dark Void project is the first to materialize out of the development pact between Plan B and Reliance that was announced at the Festival de Cannes in 2008, where the India-based media giant scored deals with a number of Hollywood players, including Julia Roberts’ Red Om and George Clooney’s Smokehouse.

Dark Void centers on a cargo pilot named Will (Pitt) who, after crashing in the Bermuda Triangle, ends up in a parallel universe where a band of humans must fight an alien threat they had long been thought extinct. Will and the other humans are outmanned but have a number of weapons and powers to help them against the alien incursion.

The Dark Void game will be released for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in January of next year.

The trailer for the Dark Void game certainly looks like a blockbuster film. Check it out below.

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