Hurt Locker director headed for a Triple Frontier with new crime thriller

Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow (Blue Steel, Point Break) has struck a deal with Paramount Pictures to direct a new film titled Triple Frontier according to various reports on the net, which may have originated at Variety. Few plot details about the new film have been released, except that it’s described as an adventure set at a border zone shared by Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil, where organized crime is rampant. Triple Frontier will reunite the director – whose film 1987 film Near Dark is now a certified cult classic – with the writer Mark Boal, who penned The Hurt Locker, the critically acclaimed action thriller about a U.S. Army bomb squad attempting to navigate treacherous territory during the current Iraq War.

Production on Triple Frontier is expected to begin next year. A cast and release date have not been announced.